Our Facilities

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We have a large indoor space divided into different activity zones which are equipped according to our children’s ages. The indoor area is suited for a greater number of children than our targeted capacity, therefore we always have extra space for our activities.  We also have our own playground in the backyard, which is accessible through the back door of the daycare. Going out to the playground is safe and trips across the road are not necessary. The playground is in the open, not surrounded by buildings, so our children can enjoy the fresh air and sunlight when they go out. The proximity of the playground to the main daycare facility helps us to easily adjust our outdoor activity time and schedule according to the weather in winter as well as in summer. One of our main priorities is to keep our premises clean and safe to provide comfort and security for our children. 

No TV policiy

Research has proven that television has both positive and negative effects on children. The negative effect of watching TV in early childhood is that it may cause developmental difficulties. Because of this, researchers advise that TV should be limited for children. We assume that most children watch TV at home and watching it at daycare would exceed the limit. Also, we believe that the precious time spent watching TV could be spent in a more efficient way for children while in our care. This is the reason why we do not have a TV in our daycare, although, we may use YouTube for short 5 – 7minute educational videos to go with the teacher’s instruction of the topic.

Video Surveillance Policy

To ensure the safety and security of all children, staff, parents, and visitors, Teddy Bear Daycare is equipped with a video surveillance system. Security cameras are installed in the classrooms, entrance, and outdoor play area.

Facilities Photos