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1612 Centennial St, Porter Creek,  Whitehorse, YT  Y1A 3Z3

Our Team

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Ivan, Director

Ivan has a master’s degree in psychology. He has been counselling individuals and families for 10 years. He has also worked on the development of alternative approaches to mental health. He is very competent in mindfulness practices and laughter training. He is convinced that a happy and intelligent person grows out of happy and curious child. For him, the main goal of the early childhood education is to nurture curiosity and provide a safe and supporting environment.

Elena, Teacher and Caregiver

Elena has been working as an early childhood educator for more than 10 years. She is very experienced at working with children of different ages. She believes that feelings of success after completion of small activities build up a sense of confidence and interest to study in the future.  

John, Teacher and Caregiver

John has bachelor’s degree in Child and Youth Care. Having worked with children for more than 5 years, he has had opportunities to work with diverse groups including those challenged by learning disabilities and speech impairments as well as children who functioned on and above age level. From these experiences, he has gained in-depth knowledge of, and developed effective strategies for, accommodating each child’s diverse learning styles and needs.

Emma, French Teacher and Caregiver

Emma moved to Whitehorse from France and loves the Yukon nature. She has worked with preschool and school children in France for 2 years. She enjoys working with a team providing care and guiding children in a rich learning environment. She feels the first years of life are so important and appreciates the joy and humor that children bring to her life. 

Annie, French Teacher and Caregiver

Annie owned a day home in her home province of Quebec for 3 years. She loves working with children and feels that seeing children in her care develop and grow is very rewarding. She is proud to be one of our teachers working with the children teaching them French. She likes to see how they acquire the new language word by word and phrase by phrase. She loves singing, dancing and putting a smile on the faces of others.  

Julie, Teacher and Caregiver

Julie came to Whitehorse almost 7 years ago and started the Early Leaning and Child Care program at Yukon College. Soon after, she started working in the daycare field. Julie says that she saw a new side of child care when she started working in the daycare. She believes that a teacher should create a predictable environment for children where they can express themselves and explore their potential.  

Gurjit, Teacher and Caregiver Assistant

Gurjit is a student in the Early Learning and Child Care program at Yukon College. He works part time in the daycare assisting other teachers. He says that working with children has broadened his worldview. He enjoys teaching the children his traditional dances and talking about his country. He likes to have fun with children helping them to learn new things. Gurjit especially loves to learn about and celebrate Canadian holidays with children and teachers at the daycare.